Delta Air Lines Adds New Interactive COVID-19 Travel Requirements Map

Delta Air Lines has launched a new interactive map tool that can provide travelers with updated travel requirement information, COVID-19 restrictions and seamless booking.

The carrier developed the app feature to give customers full control and a better understanding of current requirements and what to expect upon arrival at their destination. The app is powered by Smartvel and allows Delta to deliver the best experience when passengers are ready to travel.

The new tool gives insight into quarantine and testing requirements, travel forms and paperwork, local health information, local COVID-19 guidelines and links to necessary forms and applications needed before travel.

Delta is already working to add new features, including information on negative COVID-19 test result requirements, different ways to access the new travel restrictions map using the Fly Delta App and personalized pre-flight emails.

“We are focused on ways we can make planning your next trip as simple and personalized as possible,” Delta Vice President Rhonda Crawford said. “As we shared at CES, Delta’s future is rooted in the intersection of technology and the customer experience.”

“We want customers to have full control over their journey, and that begins with a digital-first experience that is easy to navigate and packed with the information you need to know before you travel,” Crawford continued.

The airline is also working on new technology to reduce stress and offer a more personalized experience amidst the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Delta has already implemented technology to automatically unblock middle seats for parties of three or more and expanded self-service technologies.

In addition, Delta wants customers to feel confident when booking, so the carrier permanently eliminated change fees for U.S. domestic travel, excluding Basic economy fares, beginning in 2021. For any tickets purchased through December, Delta is also waiving change fees for both domestic and international travel.


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